domingo, 14 de fevereiro de 2016

Bussaco 1810 II

One good and simple presentation of the battle is here.

Anyway, the British and Portuguese forces under Wellington had a chance to delay Masséna's army on their way to Lisbon. Wellington won but it was not enough to make the French go away...

Me and two other friends decided to represent the battle.
Having around an year to do such a task, we selected an area were most of the action happened.

Now, the terrain.

 The walls meant to represent the area belonging to the convent. 
One of the villages. 
 The inspiration for the windmills. I don't think they would look like that but more like the ones in the picture below. However, we decided to do it like the one above.

The final result, around 3x2m terrain and almost 2000 figures.

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